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Readers of and are professionals from the ranks of financial advisors, clients of financial advisors and financial institutions. Many more small and large investors are also interested in the latest news from the investments industry.

Why advertise on the and portals?



1. Lucrative target group
In most cases, the readers of our portal are people deciding how to invest their money and savings, how to prepare for old age or how to get money for housing, furniture and appliances. Readers of are people who are interested in what is going on around them as well as in financial matters; they’re not just regular Internet users looking for erotica or entertainment.


2. Full advertising service
Each advertising campaign on includes complete statistics and a campaign evaluation. If you are interested, our specialists will help you in creating an appropriately targeted advertisement and they can recommend advertising formats suitable for your product or service.


3. Image
The financial portal is a trustworthy source of information for its readers. The readers of thus perceive all information, including ads, as trustworthy information.


4. Customized approach
We have a highly customized approach to each client. Each advertising campaign is equally important to us, as even a small advertising campaign can lead to a beneficial long-term business relation as a result of an excellent experience.


5. Professionalism
Our readers is what’s most important to us, as it is our readers who can provide us with higher sales of products and services. That is why we tell each client our thoughts in cases where there is doubt about the communication message in the advertisement or about its success. Each client thus gets the most value for his marketing investment.

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