Social projects

Investment of the Year
In 2011, Fincentrum, in cooperation with the specialized and portals, launched the new Investment of the Year project. Investment of the Year is a detailed analysis of the investment market and is announced retroactively for the previous year. The Investment of the Year analysis of the investment market was created as a reaction to the insufficient knowledge and informedness of individual investors with which the financial advisors of the Fincentrum Group meet in their day-to-day work. In the Czech Republic, the professional partner of 2010 Investment of the Year was PwC Česká republika.


Fincentrum Bank of the Year
Every year, Fincentrum CZ organizes and announces the prestigious Fincentrum Bank of the Year award. The goal of the Fincentrum Bank of the Year award is acknowledge the services and products of financial institutions active in the CZ. The fundamental criterion is focus on retail clients. Fincentrum Bank of the Year is organized under the auspices of the Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic.


Employer of the Year
Each year, the Czech Fincentrum also organizes and announces the Employer of the Year national award. With its scope, regional dimension as well as the number of participants and categories, this award is unique in the Czech Republic. It focuses on the evaluation of HR work of individual companies. The general partner of the award is Sodexo Pass Česká republika, a provider of employee motivation solutions. The professional guarantor of the 2011 Employer of the Year competition is the PwC Česká republika consulting company.


Other social projects
Each year, Fincentrum participates in or fully organizes and sponsors various social projects. These are mainly projects that are relevant at the given time and that can bring and enhance knowledge of the given issue or stimulate discussion.