Sophisticated Training System


Fincentrum stresses high quality advisory services, which implies emphasis on thorough training of all Fincentrum associates. It is impossible to be a qualified financial advisor without lifelong learning. An uneducated advisor is dangerous to the client, which is why Fincentrum pays considerable attention to the professional training of its advisors and managers.

The training takes place within an integrated internal system and is provided and guaranteed by a team of professional instructors. The advisory and managerial training series is the backbone of the training system.

Fincentrum is a V.I.P. partner of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting of the University of Economics in Prague.




Advisor Basics: designed for new advisors and financial advisors in junior positions
Contents: introduction to Fincentrum, the internal information system, contacting clients, advisor series, securing income, assets and liability, generating future income, the basics of investing, investment brokerage services, financing of housing, the basics of financial planning, processing of concluded contracts.


Advisor Development: designed for experienced financial advisors
Contents: introduces the students to the theoretical foundations of financial advisory services (macroeconomics, insurance mathematics, investments theory, types and structures of investment instruments, pension systems, legislative framework, etc.)


Sales Skills: designed for advisors with at least 6 to 12 months of collaboration
Contents: 4 x two-day training on the development of current sales skills and their intense practical training.


Manager Basics: designed for new managers who would like to build or improve a well-functioning productive team.
Contents: recruiting financial advisors, selecting an advisor and his/her adaptation, presentation skills, individual consultations, delivering ad-hoc training, running meetings, time management.

Manager Development: designed for experienced district, regional and national managers
Contents: recruiting new managers, selecting a manager and his/her adaptation process, managing people, coaching, motivation, influencing and negotiating.


Rescue Ranger: designed for more experienced advisors
Contents: an intensive exclusive program that improves the quality of an advisor’s work in an eight step advisory services series.


Employee Benefits: designed for advisors who show an interest in and are selected to service clients of the Employee Benefits Division
Contents: Employee benefit issues, handling the specific conditions of specific corporate clients.



POT  Project: training that covers the insurance of entrepreneurs and industry
Contents: consists of 7 courses, which after completed by the advisor will provide him/her with the opportunity to independently handle the needs of clients in entrepreneur insurance via standardized products up to CZK 100 million, i.e., to offer solutions to 94% of business entities in the CR. Advisors have at their disposal support by the Department of Entrepreneur and Industry Insurance, which is a part of the organizational structure of the Corporate Business Division.



Nationwide training sessions covering products offered by financial institutions.

Selection of internal and external special seminars on business and professional topics.


Our advisors also have at their disposal many printed materials, including the complete Advisor’s Handbook and Manager’s Handbook, which summarize the most important aspects of what makes an advisor an advisor and a manager a manager in financial advisory services.