TREFA for Footballers


Special insurance not only for footballers


TREFA is a project of Czech Fincentrum, Generali and the Czech-Moravian Football Association. This cooperation with special insurance for footballers brings significant funding to football clubs in the Czech Republic. Non-professional players obtain quality insurance protection at a low monthly premium and their clubs get in addition some much-needed funding to further development and preparation of new talent.

Beginning from the 2010/2011 season, Fincentrum is also the general partner of the regional football competitions in the country.


“The Generali insurance company is always sensitive to the individual needs of its clients and seeks to modify insurance coverage individually for them," says Petr Kopecký, CEO and board member of Generali. "This unique project brings thousands of Czech footballers a much better opportunity of protection against possible risks. The goal thereof is to contribute to much-needed development of amateur football in the country. That is where money is needed the most, but where most traditional sports sponsors are not interested in investing." adds Petr Kopecký.


"The teams have a unique opportunity to raise funds to finance their operations. The TREFA project is an important step for re-starting the development of training for talented players in the country, because even the smallest football clubs can obtain significant resources for such development. It is in clubs like Vigantice, Smetanova Lhota or Verneřice where our great football stars have grown." says Ivan Hašek, Chairman of the Czech-Moravian Football Association.


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