Management of the Company

Owners of the Company

petr-stuchlikIng. Petr Stuchlík
General Director

Born in Zlín in 1977. He has studied management at the University of Economics in Prague and marketing at the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam/RSM. He took part in establishing Fincentrum in April 2000. He worked in management of MAFRA (MF DNES, Lidove noviny, iDNES, TV Ocko) in 2002 – 2006. The business department of iDNES which he has formed operates with success up to now. He concentrates on strategic management of the company in Fincentrum. Petr is the author of the first Czech books on Internet advertising and he flies sport aircraft in his free time.
Petr is member of the Board of Fincentrum a.s. (Czech Republic) and Fincentrum a.s. (Slovak Republic).

martin-nejedlyIng. Martin Nejedlý

Born in Přerov in 1975. He has graduated from the Faculty of Finance and Accounting of the University of Economics in Prague. In April 2000, he co-founded Fincentrum. He is particularly focused on strategic development of Fincentrum, especially of the Financial Advisory division. Prior to founding Fincentrum, he worked for more than four years for a major brokerage house Wood & Company as an analyst of the banking sector in Central Europe. Martin is an excellent tennis player and avid oenologist. Martin is member of the Board of Fincentrum a.s. (Czech Republic) and Fincentrum a.s. (Slovak Republic).



filip-duchonMgr. Mario Drosc
Deputy CEO

Mario Drosc has been on Fincentrum’s management since February 2015. His key objective 

is to support the company’s continued growth on the Czech and Slovak markets and help to pursue the company’s long-term vision of becoming number one in financial advice on the Czech and Slovak markets. Mario Drosc is one of the most successful managers in the Czech and Slovak banking sector. He has come to Fincentrum’s management from that of Raiffeisenbank’s Czech subsidiary, which it joined in the summer of 2006 to serve on the Board of Directors with responsibility for retail banking. Over time, he accepted responsibility for all of Raiffeisenbank’s business activities and since the beginning of 2013 served as its Chairman and CEO. Before joining Raiffeisenbank, he worked at VÚB, Slovakia, Komerční banka, Czech Republic, and 

                                 at the McKinsey consultancy. 



filip-duchonIng. Filip Duchoň, MBA
Director of Financial Advisory Services

He has lead the Financial Advisory division since September 2008. Filip Duchoň’s most imminent goals are to fine-tune the medium-term and long-term strategy of the Financial Advisory division and set the processes of the company so that they match the dynamic development in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. An important part of his work will also be to manage a network of financial advisers. Filip worked for two years as the Marketing Director and later as the General Director in the field of import of tools for health protection at work. In 1997, he joined the Provident Financial Group. He gradually worked his way up there to the position of Sales Director and two years later (in 2003) he received an interesting offer: his job has become creation and management of the business and certain other departments of the company in Mexico.




vladek-kramekJUDr. Vladek Krámek
Director of legal and compliance

Vladek appeared in Fincentrum in October 2007 as the company lawyer. Currently he and his team have responsibility for the complex legal issues of companies in the group Fincentrum in Czechia and Slovakia, including compliance and AML. His key job is to adapt the company position to the floating national and EU legislature and to implement all the changes in the business processes of the companies. Before he entered Fincentrum, he had worked in PRK, a top Czech law office. 

He has graduated in the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague, where he has obtained 

the title of Doctor of Law in the field of international law. Currently Vladek is a member of the Board of Fincentrum a.s.