• Prague, 1 October 2013
    Ten recommendations for a good financial adviser

    How to choose a good financial adviser? The portal presents “Ten recommendations for a good financial adviser”. The instructions were prepared by Fincentrum, a financial advisory company. They are generally accepted and work in the course of choosing a financial adviser from any financial advisory company. More...>>
  • Prague, 26 September 2013
    Filip Duchoň, Commercial Manager of Fincentrum, comments for the FP finanční poradce journal

    The professional journal for financial advisers and intermediaries presents the article “Multi level in advisory services: better background and investment into the brand”. “Is it more suitable to co-operate in broker pool or on the MLM basis with a branded financial advisory company?” More...>>
  • Prague, 25 September 2013
    Martin Kovář, Regional Director, for the monthly Profi Poradenství & Finance journal

    The Profi Poradenství & Finance journal brings you Martin Kovář, Senior Regional Director, on the cover page and in an interview. For the full interview - “How to build up the best regional headquarters” read here More...>>
  • Prague, 24 September 2013
    The portal brings information about changing structure of its readers

    Information on the professional server started to be looked for rather by financial advisers from smaller financial advisory companies. At the same time, the proportion of visitors supporting the financial advisory company Partners has dropped considerably. More...>>
  • Prague, 23 September 2013
    Interview with the General Director in Moje Peníze, a journal published occasionally as a supplement of the Mladá Fronta magazine

    In the interview, Petr Stuchlík, General Director of Fincentrum, says, among others, that is not good to get advice about serious matters from a young man who has just graduated. More...>>
  • Prague, 9 September 2013
    Lubor Žalman, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Fincentrum, in a new issue of the Forbes monthly journal

    In the September issue of the Forbes journal, there is an interesting article about Lubomír Žalman. Would you like to know where to invest and how? What philosophy does the Chairman of the Fincentrum Supervisory Board use while investing? Or what other projects is he working on? More...>>
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