• Prague, 28 November 2013
    Investment is not only for provision for old age any more

    René Borovička, Regional Director of Fincentrum, says: “Investment is not only for provision for old age any more” and adds: “We are very particular about complete objectiveness, ethical conduct and needs of our clients.” The whole article can be found in the FP-Finanční poradce journal, the current issue No. 11. See the interview with René Borovička HERE. More...>>
  • Prague, 21 November 2013
    Martin Jurek, an analyst of Fincentrum, for the Ekonom journal

    Early in November, the fifth round of issue of savings bonds “for citizens” was launched. The offer of bonds is analogous as in last two bond issues except for the rather favourite discounted 1.5-year bond that was excluded from the offer. More...>>
  • Prague, 13 November 2013
    Fincentrum Bank of the year 2013

    We are bringing you the recording of Czech Television live broadcast made on the gala evening during the Fincentrum Bank of the Year 2013 awards ceremony. Watch the recording attentively so that you would not miss the biggest surprise of the evening! More...>>
  • Prague, 4 October 2013
    Financing of construction and reconstruction on ČRo 2

    Stanislav Rada and Karel Bujko, Fincentrum managers, were guests in an advisory programme of the Czech Radio 2. The topic of the programme was financing of constructions and reconstructions. More...>>
  • Prague, 30 October 2013
    Martin Nejedlý, a founder of Fincentrum, in an interview for E15

    “We are considering the way of entering the banking services market. It means either acquisition or formation of an entity, or co-operation with someone who has already had a banking licence but does not run retail,” says Martin Nejedlý, a founder of Fincentrum. More...>>
  • Prague, 18 October 2013
    Tomáš Martinovský, Regional Director, for the Profi P&F journal

    “Our aim is responsible advisory services based on objectivity, ethical conduct and needs of our client,” Tomáš Martinovský, Reginal Director, says in an interview. More...>>
  • Prague, 17 October 2013
    Petr Stuchlík, General Director of Fincentrum, for Profi P&F

    The Profi Poradenství & Finance jounal brings an article by Petr Stuchlík, Glamour and Poverty of Broker pools (Lesk a bída Broker poolů). More...>>
  • Prague, 16 October 2013
    Interests on mortgage are stagnating, although interest in credits is rising and people are taking out more loans

    According to the portal, the growth of mortgage rates stopped in September. The average rate of mortgage loans fell slightly from 3.01 % in August to the exact three per cent. More...>>
  • Prague, 11 October 2013
    Monika Hrušová, Deputy Editor of Fincentrum portals, knows how the Czechs are doing in repaying credits

    It is easy to run into debts, but it is much worse to be repaying the debts. Every eighth Czech has problems with repaying debts. A similar situation is in the whole region. As for repaying credits, the Poles have the best payment habits. Monika Hrušová from Fincentrum clarifies which debts pay and which are better to be avoided. More...>>
  • Prague, 4 October 2013
    Petr Zámečník, Chief Editor of Fincentrum, contemplates too low age of financial intermediaries

    New Civil Code that will come into force early next year 2014 will bring a lot of changes for businessmen. Among others, under-age persons will be allowed to run a business. Too low age of financial intermediaries is often criticized not only by clients, but also by financial advisers themselves. A topic for Petr Zámečník, Chief Editor of Fincentrum portals. More...>>
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