Career Position


Our Colleagues are adequately awarded for the finance advisory services of high quality. A finance advisor of Fincentrum is a happy, well paid expert in finance. Fincentrum is an all-Czech company and thus it does not pay high dividends to owners abroad.


The manager career in Fincentrum is given clearly and this can be avoided in no way. Promotion to a higher manager post does not depend on (ill) will of the superior, but it is an automatic process, depending just on meeting pre-determined conditions. This approach may not change.


The organisation structure of the company facilitates career of all good finance advisors. It provides conditions for management oriented finance experts up to reaching even the position of the country head, and more individually oriented finance advisors will have the opportunity to give their services to clients from the position of the TOP advisor.


Managers leading their teams and taking responsibility for them have the tasks to:

  • enforce and provide for principles of business strategy and philosophy of Fincentrum
  • train business and professional knowledge and skills of their advisors and guarantee high quality of their work (inspections, personal assistance with new advisors, workshops and so like)
  • provide for required trainings by finance institutions for their advisors
  • • take part in manager training (so called Manager Essentials and Superstructure, so called Managerial Development), which concentrate on principles and systems of manager activities


Organisation structure of Fincentrum:

  • supports the highest commission at the market
  • facilitates quick growth for both newcomers and experienced advisors
  • offers management or pure advisor career
  • allows easy incorporation of whole groups of advisors



Stabilisation criteria
Advisors are promoted to higher positions according to the career plan depending on achieved performance. Conditions to maintain the position are always 50 % easier; thus the Fincentrum career system stabilises the whole system automatically.


Commission for recommendation
If a Colleague has trained or acquired a new advisor, he will be given a regular award for his guiding. If a Colleague has recommended or passed an advisor outside his own structure, he will be given a regular monthly award for recommendation.


Life annuity
The manager who has achieved the top position of “Country Head” and has trained another country head, he will be given the life annuity.


Fincentrum offers the highest awards at the market to the finance advisors!

And moreover:

  • reliable undelayed pay each month
  • no cancellation fund (it is introduced just with history of high cancellation)
  • easy control of calculation of commission in the FinData system