Co-workers of Fincentrum are helping to build the company, which is why it is important that they are individuals who are looking for new challenges, constantly improve their professional knowledge and dedicate considerable attention to care for the clients.

Your own career is your own decision. Fincentrum provides you with tools that you can use for your professional growth.



Anyone meeting the basic criteria based on Fincentrum’s comprehensive career system can become a financial advisor and associate of Fincentrum. Important parameters are communication skills, a client-oriented approach, ethics and morals when working with clients. 


If you are still hesitating to join the best financial advisors on the market, let yourself be inspired by stories of our successful colleagues. 

Věra Havlíčková, Regional Director at Fincentrum

Today a successful financial advisor and regional director, Věra Havlíčková started her professional career as a teacher at a kindergarten, where she worked as the principal for 17 years let. The year 2008 was a turning point for Věra, because she signed a cooperation agreement with Fincentrum, thereby launching her very successful career in financial consulting. Although the beginnings in a completely different field were not easy, Věra currently has hundreds of satisfied clients, a friendly working team, and most importantly, she feels the satisfaction from her personal fulfillment in the financial sector. 


Ladislav Kučírek, Regional Director at Fincentrum

After 10 years of working in the financial sector, he joined Fincentrum in 2008. As his biggest career success so far Ladislav considers meeting the conditions for becoming a regional director at Fincentrum, which he achieved in a mere 18 months. 


Jaroslav Stroukal, Regional Director at Fincentrum

Jaroslav has been active in the financial sector since 1993. In 2007 he made a major life decision and joined Fincentrum, where he currently works as a regional director. He believes it is important that only capable people come to work at Fincentrum, because they will also become successful to a large extent.




Daniel Kučera, Regional Director at Fincentrum
Daniel joined Fincentrum from the GE Money Bank and ČSOB banking institutions. Since 2007 he has been working as a recognized financial advisor who in a few years successfully worked his way up to the position of regional director. Working at Fincentrum means especially decision making freedom for Daniel, which he greatly appreciates. At the same time he sees the future in a personalized approach to clients, which is something other financial institutions are trying to do, but not too successfully at the moment. 

Renata Křemenáková, Manager at Fincentrum


Renata worked 12 years at Komerční banka, and in 2011 she joined Fincentrum. She only needed one year to reach a management position, which is a source of personal fulfillment to her, but her goals are much higher. Renata’s motto is to do work that you enjoy. Hence she believes that nobody should hesitate with making a change, because there is nothing to wait for.

IMG What does the term FINANCIAL ADVISOR mean?

A financial advisor is an independent expert on personal finances who is able to offer the most suitable solution for the client so that the client’s money is invested as effectively as possible and earns the greatest possible returns. A financial advisor works together with a wide network of financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, investment houses, etc.) and thus has a complete knowledge of offers, fees, interest rate levels and other information. The advisor can thus recommend the most suitable product with regard for the client’s needs and financial goals.


Each financial advisor works individually with the clients, abides by ethical codices and recommends the financial solutions and products based on his/her professional knowledge and information from the company’s analytical department.



Would you like to be an entrepreneur in the financial sector? Do you enjoy communicating with people? Fincentrum gives an opportunity to everyone who is looking for new challenges, is interested in finances and places emphasis on the constant development of his/her professional knowledge. Nobody is born a master, which is why Fincentrum has created an integrated system of education that provides new candidates with the maximum support in any position. You can find more information in the Education section. 


In case of interest, please contact us at any time for free on our client hotline: 800 99 00 99.